MiLB Players Jason Hagerty, Nate Goro, and Luke Voit Use Muscletrac

Jason Hagerty (San Diego Padres), Nate Goro (Los Angeles Angels), and Luke Voit (St. Louis Cardinals) use the Muscletrac everyday in their pre-training preparation. They roll out the trigger points in their legs, arms, and backs to prevent muscle tightness and to improve performance on the field and in the gym.

Manage Your Muscles for Golf


Regardless of your level of play and age, hitting the links on a regular basis can play havoc with your body. More recreational golfers complain of lower back discomfort, however almost all muscle groups are put under repeated stress during a normal golf swing. There are problems around the legs and knees due to the torque of the shoulders and neck, and of course the forearms, elbows and wrist when giving the club the death grip.

With repeated use, the muscles begin to tighten and are unable to relax. Trigger points will develop which will feel like knots in the muscles. This will cause a loss of blood flow to the muscle which will create soreness and a hypertonic (tight) muscle that has difficulty relaxing.  This snowballs into a loss of flexibility and altered motion in the joints which will alter your swing mechanics and reduce power output and your drives will suffer in distance and accuracy.

In the past few years, golfers at all levels are beginning to appreciate the benefits of soft tissue therapy on their golf game.  The benefits are significant from assisting in warm-up, to eliminating muscle pain, soreness and stiffness, to dramatically increasing range of motion and helping with post game recovery.

Golfers at all levels from amateurs to professionals are using the Muscletrac products to warm-up pre-competition, during the match with the Muscletrac Mini, and post-competition to proactively address any soft tissue problems.

How does it benefit your golf game?

The Muscletrac enhances pre-training warm-up by increasing circulation and blood flow, and warming the muscles, thus stimulating oxygen and nutrient delivery. It also  encourages waste product removal due to overuse and repetitive motion. The “tracs” on the Muscletrac penetrate and stretch the muscles and fascia to loosen up the tissue increasing ease of motion and overall range of motion. On the recovery end, this helps reduce muscle tightness and spasms, trigger points and adhesions to improve quality of movement. The improved motion and flexibility improves power output to improve your drives and improves performance.

Which Muscletrac should I use?

Use the Sport or the Elite Flex on major muscle groups such as the quadriceps, ITB, hamstrings, calves, lower back, trapezius, gluts and neck before you play. Put your leg up on the golf cart and relax. Ten to fifteen runs on each major muscle group will loosen things up and give you a feeling of lightness and ready to destroy the course. Use the Mini on the forearms, around the elbows for golfers elbow/tennis elbow, the upper arm (biceps, triceps, shoulders, neck, around the knees, ankles). When finished with pre-game, take the Mini and throw it in your bag to use while you are playing.  When you begin to tighten up in the forearms, wrists, shoulders, neck or legs, dig into the muscle tissue with the Mini and open things up to bring in fresh oxygen and help the muscles release.

Use the Muscletrac family of products as your own personal sports therapist. Run the “tracs” on the muscles and fascia, find the problems, and get rid of them by rolling over the tight muscles. These problems are commonly seen in trigger points on the body. The Muscletrac was made to be your sports therapist 24/7.

Trigger Point Treatment & CrossFit with Muscletrac



CrossFit is a growing brand that is increasingly in need of proper trigger point therapy or treatment. The combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting can place wear and tear on your muscles and the Muscletrac is the go-to product to eliminate pain and soreness.

For CrossFit athletes, the Muscletrac Pro is the best choice for the shear size, torque, and power to roll out and eliminate troubling trigger points in the back, neck, glutes and calves. The Muscletrac Mini is great for the forearms, elbow and tight neck areas. It also treats tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and achilles tendonitis.

Muscletrac Mini & Trigger Point Therapy for Golfers

Portable Muscle Therapy is the Way for Golfers

Muscletrac Mini portable muscle relief

For golfers dealing with forearm tightness, trigger points and soreness from play or for conditions such as golfers elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and other conditions, the Muscletrac Mini is quickly emerging as the top portable trigger point therapy product of its kind. The Muscletrac Mini is a compact and easy to use performance therapy device (6-inch length, one-inch width, and weighing 1/2 pound) that can be kept in your golf bag to use both before and after play.

How can the Muscletrac Mini eliminate Trigger Points and Improve my Golf Performance and Recovery?

The Muscletrac Mini provides fast and effective self-myofascial release by quickly eliminating trigger points, tightness and soreness before and after hitting the links for a full 18 holes. When used before play, the Muscletrac Mini will help you to warm up your forearm muscles faster for improved accuracy, control and overall performance. When used after play, the Muscletrac mini will help reduce muscle tightness, trigger points and general soreness for improved recovery for the next match!

The Muscletrac Mini is yours!

Give the Muscletrac Mini a shot today for as low as $29.95.

Nate Koch – Muscletrac Sponsored US National Champion

Nate Koch First Place in 2013 USA Cycling Elite Time Track Nationals

Nate Koch, a Muscletrac sponsored athlete and cyclist who will be a 2016 USA Olympian, finished first in a US national cycling championship. Nate finished 1st in the 2013 USA Cycling Elite Time Track Nationals with Team Felt. With teammates Matthew Baranoski and Kevin Mansker, Nate’s team finished with a 46.170 time to bring in the gold medal.

A Quote from Nate

Nate Koch: “The Muscletrac is a huge part of my training and recovery! It is an amazing tool regardless of your level of fitness”

A Big Salute to Nate Koch

Congratulations Nate and Team Felt for the victory and thank you for using the Muscletrac for muscle pain and soreness relief! Keep up the great work!
Nate Koch USA Olympian with Muscletrac

Trigger Point Therapy using Muscletrac

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger Points or “knots” are areas of tight, hypercontracted bands or nodules within a muscle that commonly produce pain and discomfort, weaken muscles, and cause dysfunctional movement patterns. Trigger points feel like a pea buried deep in the muscle fibers and are tender to the touch and have a predicted pain referral pattern. Trigger points can occur in any muscle fibers throughout the body, but can also be found in other soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments and scar tissue.

How can the Muscletrac help to eliminate trigger points?

The Muscletrac featuring the TRAC technology acts like the fingers of a skilled sports therapist quickly locating and eliminating trigger points by penetrating and stretching the muscle and fascia for fast and effective relief from muscle pain, soreness and tightness.

NFL Lineman Keith Williams

Why choose the Muscletrac over the wide variety of products for trigger point treatment?

The Muscletrac is the only performance therapy product on the market designed to allow superficial to deep penetration of the muscle and fascia. Other products only flatten the muscle much like a rolling pin and have limited effectiveness for self myofascial release. In addition, each durable Muscletrac product is manufactured in the United States with quality and care and is always backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Where can I buy the Muscletrac?

We sell the Muscletrac online and in-stores across the world. Please use our store locator if you are interested in possibly purchasing the Muscletrac locally.

Feel the Muscletrac Difference, Seriously

Muscletrac Performance Massage Rollers


The Muscletrac is quickly becoming regarded as the most effective and preferred performance massage roller of its kind by elite athletes across sports in addition to physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports physicians, trainers and coaches.

What makes the Muscletrac different is the specialized design of the wheels, featuring the Trac Technology, which perform like skilled sports therapist’s fingers-evaluating, penetrating and stretching the muscles and fascia to enhance muscle recovery and performance.

Lets face it, your bodies ultimate performance is dependent on the way you warm-up and recover. Ongoing tightness, soreness, stiffness and trigger points can dramatically reduce muscle tissue elasticity, alter biomechanics, and lead to nagging injuries.

The Muscletrac helps you recover faster and perform better:

  • For faster warm ups, the Muscletrac increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles while stimulating the muscles for peak performance.
  • For enhanced recovery, the Muscletrac allows you quickly scan the muscles to find and eliminate muscle pain, soreness, tightness and trigger points to ensure the muscles are fully recovered and fresh for your next workout or game.

Introducing the Muscletrac Mini

Muscletrac Mini portable muscle relief

Aimed for release in Spring 2013, the Muscletrac Mini is a weighted single roller that can be applied to the traps, pecs, forearms, around joints and along the spine.  The Muscletrac Mini is great for those small areas that are difficult to reach with the larger Muscletracs.

It is created for the on-the-go professionals and athletes such as golfers, tennis players, racquetballers, hikers, bikers, and more. The Trac Technology is used globally by professional athletes, olympians, and sports doctors.

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