Success Stories

Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Sportmedicine Professionals from across the world are discovering how the Muscletrac improves muscle recovery and performance. The Muscletrac is already trusted and used by a growing number of athletes and teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, USTA and NCAA. Here are a few of their success stories…

“At Mizzou we are strong believers in the use and benefits of the MuscleTrac. This tool has become a very integral part in the development and maintenance of our athletes. Pre-competition, post competition and even during competition are very important times we stress for our athletes to take advantage of this tool.The primary purpose we use the MuscleTrac for is to try and eliminate tightness & soreness by targeting inhibitory factors lying within the muscle’s fascia. The MuscleTrac helps us to alleviate many of these inhibitory problems by loosening the restricted muscles to regain proper elasticity and movement. This is essential in all aspects of our training as well as during competition. All of our athletes are educated on the purpose and benefits of this tool and know the basic functions on how to use it. This allows them the option to either work alone or with a partner… Read more on this testimonial

University of Missouri Strength and Conditioning

“I picked up the Muscletrac at the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon and ½ Marathon.  I had very sore legs from working the expo for two days.  I went back to my room the afternoon before the race and used the Muscletrac and the next day for the race my legs felt fresh and not at all sore. Thanks for making such a great product.”

John M. Duke, Triathlete Magazine CEO and Publisher Senior Vice President, Competitor Group

“The Muscletrac is a great product that I will be using for years to come. I use the Muscletrac pre-game to help warm up my muscles before I pitch. After using it, I discovered that I need less warm-up pitches, which helps me save my best pitches for the game. After the game, I use it to get all of the soreness out of my arm so I am ready to pitch the next day. Thank you for the great Muscletrac!

Darren Clarke, Colorado Rockies, MLB Baseball Player

“After a long day of training I use the Muscletrac to run through my quads, hamstrings, and calves to make sure they are “clean” from all the training.  I’ve found that holding the Muscletrac lightly helps me find knots quickly, and once I’ve found them breaking them up with the Muscletrac is simple.  I like to work on the knot with the muscle relaxed first then, if the knot is on the quad I’ll bend my knee to a 90-degree angle and really lay into the area.  Usually this will clean the muscle up very well, but if I need more, I’ll put the Muscletrac directly over the knot and use a twisting motion while applying medium pressure.”

Brian Cornelius, Elite Cyclist

“The rigors of Ironman triathlon training require that I’m constantly performing muscle-damaging workouts. I use the Muscletrac for removing adhesions from my muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing recovery. Day after day, the Muscletrac keeps my body bouncing back. This is a must in the toolbox of any athlete or physically active individual.”

Ben Greenfield, “2008 Personal Trainer of the Year” Exercise Physiologist, Multi Sport Coach and Athlete

“Several months ago, I started using the Muscletrac with members of my Track and Cross Country teams both before and after hard workouts. My athletes notice both an increase in fluidity of motion and a sensation of ‘lightness’ in their legs after using the Muscletrac. Knots and tightness in muscles are cleaned out, allowing my athletes to shorten recovery times and increase range of motion.  As a Track and Cross Country coach with over twenty years experience coaching endurance athletes, I highly recommend the Muscletrac as an effective tool to aid recovery and increase performance.”

Nick Varner, Cross Country and Track Coach, Three-Time Southern Arizona Coach of the Year

“As a professional level cyclist, I am always looking for that new edge over the competition, whether that be in training, recovering, diet, or technology.  I am a very muscle bound cyclist, and I always seemed to make knots in my muscles constantly.  It seemed like a nonstop battle with trying to keep my legs strong and healthy.  I have tried many different products to help aid in my ongoing struggle.  I have used foam rollers, knot balls, and the stick.  Nothing seemed as fast or effective as the Muscletrac.  The wheels help break up knots quicker then other products, and its smaller size makes to easy to travel with.  I recommend the Muscletrac to anyone out there who wants real results!”

Alex Bishop, Professional Cyclist, Cycling Coach and Personal Trainer

For anyone looking to recover faster and improve muscle performance, I would recommend the Muscletrac.”

Matt Holliday, MLB Professional Baseball Player

” The Muscletrac is an important part of my daily recovery from training and racing. I prefer to use it immediately after my rides and before stretching. Consistently using this Muscletrac method has improved my ability to perform on the bike for longer periods of time and with more comfort than ever before. With equal importance is the effect on the quality of nightime rest after using Muscletrac. Tight muscles in my shoulders and neck often keep me from falling asleep quickly unless treated. The Muscletrac has aided me in tuning my weaknesses into strengths and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their daily quality of living.”

Ron Jensen, Elite Cyclist

“My experience with the Muscletrac has been great… particularly in getting new blood to muscular areas that have been overworked. It is a fabulous way to get lactic acid rubbed out of sore muscles!”

Dave Schuler, Pitching Coach, Colorado Rockies organization

“In the ring, I depend on my powerful striking abilities to defeat my opponents. As a pioneer in the sport of MMA, my muscle and joints have seen alot of action. I now use the Muscletrac on a regular basis to eliminate my muscle tightness and soreness and to accelerate my recovery from training.”

Don Frye, Professional MMA Champion, IFL Team Coach and Actor

“Amazing! The first thought that comes to mind my when I think of the Muscletrac. I have been using the Muscletrac for two months now and I am amazed.  I use the Muscletrac before I lift to loosen me up and start bringing blood right to the muscle so that when I hit the weights I am ready to go.  It has also been tremendous for me to use after a lift or cardio for the fact that it helps strip out any lactic acid that builds up so I am ready to go again! Great job Doc Fitz I am a believer!”

Steve S., Entrepreneur and Exercise Enthusiast

“The Muscletrac has been the single most effective tool for recovery I have tried to date; as an professional athlete, the Muscletrac, along with stretching and hydrating, has become an essential part of my daily post-workout routine. Sore, achy (and sometimes knotted) muscles hindered my day to day training ability to recover from intense workouts and perform consistently well on long stage races. The Muscletrac allows me to quickly and easily find and work out knots, relieve lactic acid build-up in my muscles, and alleviate any tightness resulting from a long day in the saddle. I would definitely recommend the Muscletrac to anyone whether they are a world-class athlete or someone simply looking for relief from muscle soreness from daily life.”

Heather Sborz, Professional Cyclist

“The Muscletrac is a wonderful addition to my work. As a Chiropractor I do a significant amount of soft tissue work. When I began in practice 17 years ago my hands were the primary tool I used. Through years of practice and experience I felt that my hands were the best way to get the job done. I could find the hypertonic areas and adhesions and effectively work the problems out. When I first used the Muscletrac I was amazed at how easily I could find the adhesions and hypertonic muscle fibers. I was more impressed with how quickly and easily I could work through those areas and return normal tone to the muscles. With the Muscletrac I don’t have to stress my thumbs and hands which is a relief to me!”

Dr. Barry Wahner, D.C., Chiropractic Physician, Team Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team Chiropractor

“As a massage therapist, it is imperative that my arms and forearms are kept loose and free of trigger points to protect my wrists and hands from injury. The Muscletrac is my new self-care tool. It allows me to effectively treat my own muscles after every long day of massage. My clients have also found that the Muscletrac helps keep their muscles healthy between massages. It’s so easy to find and release trigger points with the Muscletrac-I hope it doesn’t put me out of business!”

Amy Hoeft, Licensed Massage Therapist

“In preparation for my competitions, I have been using the Muscletrac to target some of my problem areas, in particular my calf and Achilles Tendon region, ITB and hamstring. In the past, I used “The Stick”, but I have found that the Muscletrac gets down to the problem sites more effectively. In my triathlon and duathlon competitions, it is the run that gives my body the most issues…but by working through these issues with the Muscletrac, I am looking forward to building my running to a higher level! Many Thanks!”

Karin B., World Duathlon Championship Qualifier – held in Rimini, Italy September 2008

“As a coach, the health of my athletes is as important as the progress they are making in their speed and strength. The Muscletrac is a valuable tool that increases their flexibility and blood circulation with very little pressure on the body. As an athlete, I feel that it is already difficult to push ourselves to our limits, but after a couple of minutes of the Muscletrac massage, I feel much looser an warmed up for my training sessions.”

Ricardo Rodrigues, USAT Level II Coach, ACE- Wellness Specialist/Multisport Coach and Athlete

“We discovered the effectiveness of the Muscletrac during our Ironman training. With many hours on the bicycle and running on the road, muscles and soft tissues become quite sore, stiff and inflammed. The Muscletrac by far is the best mechanism for workout recovery and muscular maintenance that we have used. And, to put it simply, it ROCKS on the IT Band! We both were able to compete and finish strong in our Ironman triathlon, thanks to the Muscletrac!”

Murray and Katy Nance, Triathletes and Physician Assistants