How to apply the Muscletrac to the Inner Thigh

The Muscletrac® can be used to quickly pre-warm the adductors before training and competition or to accelerate muscle recovery after training and competition. With regular application, the Muscletrac effectively reduces adductor tightness, improves elasticity and flexibility, eliminates trigger points and muscle adhesions, and accelerates muscle tissue regeneration. With regular application to the adductors, the Muscletrac can prevent the occurance of strains, adhesions and injury.
  1. Place your leg in a relaxed position to allow for proper penetration and release of the muscle and fascia. (standing or seated position)
  2. The first few runs of the muscle are diagnostic, scanning the muscles in the inner thigh to feel the restrictive tissue/tightness and trigger points.  Run the length of your adductors (inner thighs), from the groin to the knee, 10-15 times with light to moderate pressure. As you scan the adductors, “stop” the Muscletrac when you feel tightness, soreness or a knot in the muscle (trigger point). Apply a steady pressure for 5-10 seconds to “open up” and release the area; hold longer for more dense areas. Continue with 10-15 more runs and move on to another area.
  3. Stay off of the joints and bones.
  4. Areas with excessive restriction may require additional attention.