How to apply the Muscletrac to the Plantar Fascia (Foot)

  1. Take off your shoe and place it on the floor.
  2. Elevate one end of the Muscletrac® on your shoe.
  3. Sit with your leg bent and your foot on the Muscletrac in a relaxed position to allow for proper penetration and release of the muscle and fascia.
  4. The first few runs of the foot are diagnostic, scanning the foot to feel the restrictive tissue/tightness and trigger points. Run the full length of the foot, from the ball of your foot to your heel, 10-15 times with light to moderate pressure. As you scan your foot, stop the Muscletrac when you feel tightness, soreness or a knot (trigger Point). Apply a steady pressure for 5-10 seconds to “open up” and release the area; hold longer for more dense areas. Continue with 10-15 more runs and move on to another area.
  5. Stay off of the joints and bones.
  6. Areas with excessive restriction may require additional attention.

How to use the Muscletrac on the foot