How to apply the Muscletrac to the Trapezius (Neck)

1. Sit upright with erect posture and position your neck and trapezius in a relaxed position. Grasp the ends of the Muscletrac® handles, reach overhead and bend your elbows to position the Muscletrac in the neck/trapezius area.
2. The first few runs of the muscle are diagnostic, scanning the muscles in the neck and trapezius to feel the restrictive tissue/tightness and trigger points. Run the length of the muscle from the base of your head to the tip of top of your shoulder, 10-15 times with light to moderate pressure. As you scan the muscles, stop the Muscletrac when you feel tightness, soreness or a knot in the muscle (trigger point). Apply a steady pressure for 5-10 seconds to “open up” and release the area; hold longer for more dense areas. Continue with 10-15 more runs and move on to another area.
3. Areas with excessive restriction may require additional attention.

How to apply the Muscletrac to neck