When to Use the Muscletrac

There are three distinct phases of application for the Muscletrac.

Phase 1: Pre-Training/Competition

The Muscletrac can be used before training to:

  • Quickly warm the muscles and fascia without expending energy
  • Enhance muscle tissue elasticity for maximal power output
  • Provide stimulation to the muscles for increased neural activation

Phase 2: Post-Training/Competition

After training and competition, the Muscletrac accelerates your recovery:

  • Aides in muscle recovery and growth by enhancing nutrient delivery
  • Flushes the muscles with nutrient and oxygen rich blood
  • Improves tissue compliance reducing the risk of soft tissue injury
  • Removes metabolic waste products from training and competition
  • Reduces levels and frequency of muscle soreness
  • Promotes “clean” muscles, absent of trigger points and fibrous cross links
  • Provides superficial to deep penetration and stretching of the muscle tissue and fascia.

Phase 3: Regeneration Sessions

Use the Muscletrac regularly during your recovery and regeneration sessions to:

  • Ensure the optimal function of your muscle tissue
  • Improve and help maintain muscle and fascia pliability and flexibility
  • Address dense or non compliant muscle tissue
  • Identify and treat areas with trigger points and fibrous cross links.
  • Accelerate tissue healing