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Faster Warm-ups

Increases blood flow, oxygen, and flexibility while stimulating the muscles for peak performance.

No More Trigger Points

Eliminate muscle pain, soreness, and trigger points. This helps decrease the risk of injury during competition.

Maximum Output

Your personal muscle management system will accelerate your muscle recovery after training and prepare your muscles for performance

muscletrac elite muscle roller

Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for a way to combat your muscle aches and pains from training and competition or a sports medicine professional looking for an effective device to add to your “soft tissue” toolbox, the Muscletrac will help maximize performance and accelerate recovery.

How Can The Muscletrac Help?

The rigors of training and competition can take a toll on your body leaving your muscles and fascia with soreness, tightness, trigger points and adhesions which produce pain, effect alignment and biomechanics and can increase your risk of injury. When used regularly, the Muscletrac will become your personal muscle management system by accelerating your muscle recovery and preparing your muscles for maximal output during competition.

For faster warm ups, the Muscletrac® performance massage rollers increases blood flow and oxygen, and flexibility while stimulating the muscles for peak performance. For improved recovery and regeneration, the Muscletrac® performance massage rollers eliminate muscle pain, soreness, tightness and trigger points. In addition, The Muscletrac® performance massage rollers can help to prevent common problems such as IT Band Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and calf and Achilles pain.

muscletrac elite muscle roller

What Is The Difference Between The Muscletrac And Other Trigger Point Therapy Products?

There are other therapy devices on the market that are shaped like modified rolling pins. The treatment surface is rounded and may be segmented or solid or covered with foam. Like a rolling pin they flatten the muscle and fascia and a lot of force has to be used to “get into” the muscle. What makes the Muscletrac® performance massage rollers different is the specialized wheel design utilizing the Trac™ Technology which performs an exclusive two-part action by segmentally penetrating and stretching the muscle and fascia for fast and effective self myofascial release. Like a skilled sports therapist’s fingers, from warming up to deep tissue work, the individual tracs of the Muscletrac® quickly locates and eliminates superficial and deep muscle/fascia tightness and trigger points, increasing tissue elasticity, improving alignment, biomechanics and muscle output.