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Instructions - How to use a Muscletrac

  1. Grasp the handles of the Muscletrac lightly with your fingers (do not apply pressure with a palm grip on the handles), place your thumbs downwards facing inward on the inside of the handle-towards the wheels. Any pressure you apply should be through the thumbs to give you more sensitivity and control over the pressure begin applied. An initial softer grip will help you to locate the restrictive tissue.
  2. Those that are slight in build will require more gentle treatment with a lighter pressure being applied to avoid unnecessary pain. Those with chronic stiffness or dense musculature may require more frequent and deeper application. Those with medical conditions should have medical clearance prior to active or aggressive application.
  3. Place the muscle being evaluated/treated in a relaxed position to allow for effective penetration and release of the fascia and muscle.
  4. The first few *runs of the Muscletrac are almost diagnostic in nature.
  5. As you scan the muscles from origin to insertion try to get a feel for the tissue. An initial softer grip and pressure will help you to identify the restrictive tissue. You will also be able to access the muscle quickly, making a mental note of areas of soreness, tenderness or tightness.
  6. The depth of the runs will access different layers of tissue. After you run the length of the muscle with the Muscletrac, you will be able to identify superficial and deep restrictive myofascial tissue depending on the amount of pressure that you apply.
  7. When you find a problem do not force the tissue to release. Chronic problems will require multiple applications to allow proper release of the tissue to regain normal elasticity.
  8. Run the muscles from top to bottom 10-15 times with light to moderate pressure. Begin conservatively with pressure and length of application. Multiple applications are preferred for dense and tight tissues.
  9. As you scan the muscles for restrictions, stop the Muscletrac when you feel tightness, soreness, or a knot in the muscle (trigger point). You may apply a steady pressure for 5-10 seconds if you find a smaller lesion; hold longer for more dense areas. Make sure you breath during treatment which aids in relaxation.
*Run or Running is a term used to describe the application of use for the Muscletrac device. The subject muscle and/or muscle group should be placed in fully relaxed position with full exposure. Place the Muscletrac on the muscle with a light pressure and run (roll) along the course of the muscle longitudinally. After a few runs the pressure should be increased to further the depth and level of penetration and release.