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Physiology: Improve Muscle Performance & Recovery

How the Muscletrac influences muscle performance and recovery

In order for you to understand how the Muscletrac can improve muscle performance and recovery, it is necessary to review basic muscle function. For your muscles to perform optimally they must be able to rapidly lengthen and contract with adequate elasticity and force to produce efficient movement and locomotion. Performance inhibiting barriers, such as trigger points, adhesions, and other muscular lesions will prevent normal muscle contraction and relaxation. This results in tightness, which effects not only the muscle, but also the overlying fascia, thereby further reducing elasticity and impacting the overall muscle performance and recovery. The muscle fibers may then develop collagenous interfiber cross-links which prevent normal contraction and relaxation. Restrictive tissue in the belly of the muscles will reduce elasticity and negatively effect movement by keeping muscles short and tight which will impose a ceiling on muscle performance and recovery. This tight and restrictive tissue also causes an interruption of normal blood flow to the muscle fibers resulting in oxygen starvation and loss of efficient nutrient delivery to the muscle. Tight muscles and fascia that are non-compliant with compensated elasticity will also diminish normal lymphatic drainage, resulting in a pooling of by-products of muscle metabolism and ongoing muscle soreness. If the muscles loose their normal contractile ability and are prevented from relaxing, this will cause them to fatigue quickly, recover slowly from exertion and performance, and cause them to contract inefficiently, leading to further dysfunction and injury.

Remember, a healthy muscle is a "clean muscle" that:

  • Has good elasticity – with the ability to rapidly lengthen and quickly return to its original length
  • Has no areas of soreness or tightness that reflect areas of tissue compensation (trigger points, interfiber cross-links, adhesions)
  • Has a good blood supply for oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Has good lymphatic drainage to efficiently disperse waste products from muscle metabolism

Muscletrac can raise the bar on muscle performance by:

  • Quickly and efficiently locating and eliminating areas of muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points and restrictive lesions in the muscles and fascia
  • Provides superficial to deep penetration and stretching of the muscle and fascia to increase elasticity and flexibility of the myofascial complex
  • Penetrates the muscles and fascia which "opens" up the tissue creating a dramatic hyperemic effect increasing circulation, oxygenation, and nutrient delivery to aid in recovery.

When used regularly, the Muscletrac will become your personal muscle management system by accelerating your muscle recovery and preparing your muscles for maximal output during competition.