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Science Behind the Muscletrac

“As a sports doc when I evaluate and treat soft tissue problems I have to actually 'get into' or penetrate the tissue to evaluate it and know where the problems are, what the tissue feels like, and locate the areas of tightness, dysfunction, and soreness.  I cannot use the flat of the palm of my hand. I lose the feeling and it only flattens the muscle and overlying fascia.  So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions.  When you use the Muscletrac, you can use anything from light pressure to deep tissue work. For faster warm ups, the Muscletrac® performance massage rollers increase circulation, flexibility and mobility and stimulate the fascia and muscles for peak performance. For improved recovery and regeneration, the Muscletrac® performance massage rollers eliminate muscle pain, soreness, myofascial tightness and trigger points that restricts proper alignment, biomechanics and overall performance.  When used regularly, the Muscletrac will become your personal muscle management system by accelerating your muscle recovery and preparing your muscles for maximal output during competition.”

- Dr. David Fitzmaurice, DC, CCSP   “Doc Fitz”